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The MRI Results are in…

on April 22, 2017

How about another update!  2 updates in less than a week!  I’m on a roll!

Wednesday was MRI day and WOW…. that was a long day.  The MRI of my spine and right ankle/tibia took a total of 3 hours!!!  3 hours!!!  It was so long they actually let me watch a movie as it was being done!  If you’ve ever had an MRI, you know that even just a one hour scan is long and rough.  With all of the banging noises and high-pitched tones the machine makes, it’s almost impossible not to walk out with a headache.  That night I received a text from my Urologist Oncologist (who was able to see the initial MRI scans) telling me to keep off my feet and use crutches to move around.  On a positive note, he didn’t mention anything about my spine, which to Greg and me meant there was nothing to be concerned about.  Thursday morning we met with my Radiologist Oncologist to discuss the results.

I’ve been to so many doctors’ appointments at this point that they all seem to blend into each other.  I don’t remember if the good news was shared before the bad but… there was good news!  Praise God, again!  There IS good news!  As I mentioned in my previous post, the cancer started growing on/around/in the T9 vertebrae.  We treated it with 10 sessions of radiation about 2 weeks ago and on Thursday, we were told that the radiation worked!  The cancer growth has been stopped on the T9 and T8 vertebrae… the tumor is dead!  It’s no longer a concern of my doctors.  The MRI also showed a new growth on the T1 vertebrae up near my neck… which again, I should’ve known something was wrong up there due to pain… but I’m stubborn and push through pain without thinking anything of it.  So the T1 vertebrae will be treated with a one time shot of radiation this coming Tuesday.  The doctors don’t seem to be as concerned about it as they were the T9… which I’m thinking means we caught it early enough to successfully eliminate it quickly.

Now the bad news.  There is cancer IN and around my right tibia down near my ankle.  The cancer is eating away at the bone and has eaten away so much of it that very little actual bone is left.  Both my Urologist and Radiologist are shocked that I haven’t broken my leg yet… hence, the urgency to stay off my feet and use crutches to get around.  My Radiologist thinks it’s only a matter of time before I break my leg either from my own actions or from the cancer growing so large that it actually fractures the bone from the pressure.  I have a couple of options to treat this one… orthopedic surgery or radiation.  My Radiologist is moving very quickly and seems very concerned that I will break my leg.  He immediately started calling 2 Orthopedic Oncologists to see me ASAP, and thankfully, we were able to get an appointment with one of them on Monday morning.  If surgery is the way we go, they will have to cut open the bone to scrape out the cancer, then rebuild the bone with plates, rods and screws.  Sounds super scary but I’d almost rather do that up front than risk breaking the bone and having to get the surgery anyway.  The bad news with surgery is that I would have to stop my Immunotherapy treatment during surgery and recovery… risking the cancer getting out of control and growing quickly in other areas of my body since it’s so aggressive.  The other option is radiation… which my own Radiologist didn’t sound to fond of.  If we do radiation, it could take weeks to work and it will not build up the bone that the cancer has eaten away…. so I’m still at risk of breaking that bone as we wait for the radiation to work.  For now, I’m trying to stay off of my feet as much as possible (which is super hard to do when you want to be active and have a family to take care of), and I’m just waiting for the Monday appointment with the Orthopedic Oncologist to find out our next steps.

On a side note… after 4 1/2 years of no cable, Greg and I decided to bite the bullet and get it!  The decision clearly came at a great time seeing as I’m going to be sitting for many hours on end by myself with this new Tibia issue.  TLC, HGTV, the Food Channel…. so many options and shows that I have been missing for years!  Say Yes to the Dress, Fixer Upper, Chopped, House Hunters… the choices are endless!!!

And on a final note… more prayers have been answered with the clear scan of my T9 vertebrae.  God is listening… He is answering as we ask.  My cancer is unpredictable and we can’t seem to get ahead of it.  We seem to be a couple of steps behind… but God is pulling me through.  Am I scared about where it will be next?  Of course!  Do I wonder why I have to go through all of this?  Yep.  Do I question what God’s plan is for me and this cancer?  Every day.  But I have to trust that everything will work out for His glory in the end… and I have to take every small victory as it comes… praising the Lord and the doctors working their magic.

And on a final, final note… here’s a picture of my family from Easter for your enjoyment. IMG_3642


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